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Poultry Companies
Alban Laban
Take a tour of this farm selling confits and foie gras. Offers a guide to the origins and benefits of foie gras, plus duck recipes.

Arbor Acres Farm
Read about the company's broiler breeder stock supplies, download breeder manuals, and find worldwide distribution contacts.

Barrett Farms
Poultry farm outlines environmental and economic issues in the industry, including industry statistics.

BETCO has built its reputation by designing, engineering and manufacturing quality, yet affordable animal production buildings for over thirty countries around the world - from the heat of the desert to the frigid temperatures of northern climates.

BSM Agri Ltd - Livestock Housing and Ventilation Systems
BSM Agri Ltd manufactures and distributes quality livestock housing and ventilation systems for the dairy, beef, hog and poultry industries. Email:

Cal-Maine Foods
Egg production and processing company provides annual reports and an information request form.

Claw Shorteners
Purchase chicken claw shorteners direct from the manufacturer. We offer the most durable, efficient, and cheapest claw shortener, instantly applied!

Arkansas poultry company researches and develops broiler breeding stock. Includes email addresses and phone numbers.

DAPEC Systemate Group
Poultry-processing equipment manufacturer describes its bird-handling systems, chilling and packing equipment, and protein recovery wares.

Davidson's Pasteurized Eggs
Learn about these all-natural, in-shell pasteurized eggs created to prevent salmonella bacteria. Lists participating supermarkets.

Developer of poultry farming computer systems describes its feeding and light products. Lists its international customer base.

Foster Farms
Company produces fresh chicken and turkey, deli lunch meat, and prepared entrees. See the Foster Imposters on the Loose Road Show schedules.

Gold Kist - Corporate Homepage
Farmer-owned, cooperative, poultry processor furnishes recipes, operation descriptions, development news, and job listings.

GQF Manufacturing Company
Browse the catalog of incubators, brooders, cages, and feeders for poultry and game birds, or place an order for quail eggs.

Lists new, used, and refurbished poultry-processing equipment, including X-ray machines and shackles.

Keith Smith Company
Meet this producer of hatching eggs and feed products and processor of spent fowl. Check the survey and contact the company.

Nest Pads by Diversified Products
Shop for poultry-nest products, including nest pads, nest ramps and closure gates. View photos and request further information via email.

Oak Valley Farms
Describes the turkey-farming operations of this South Dakota company. Tour the processing plant and view a diagram of the company's products.

OK Industries
Describes its breeding and processing operations, recounts the company history, and offers pictures of its food-service and retail products.

Perdue Farms
Large company provides poultry products and food services. Features recipes, cooking guides and product-nutrition facts.

Egganic Industries
Review photos and descriptions of the Henspa backyard chicken coop, scan prices, and place an order.

Peterson Farms
Company operates poultry-breeding programs in Decatur, Arkansas. Survey the company's history and departments, or send questions via email.

Real Chicken Ranch, The
New Mexico-based farm raises organic chicken, free from pesticides, by-products, drugs, growth enhancers or hormones. Order online.

Rose Acre Farms
Learn about the history of this egg farm, view photos, find market reports, and browse the product guide.

Sanderson Farms
Produces and distributes fresh and frozen chicken and other food items. Browse its product selection, stock market info and news releases.

Sauder's Eggs
View pictures of the egg production plants, browse the catalog, try one of the recipes, and find facts and news about eggs.

Surefoot Slat Systems
Offers broiler-breeder farmers a poultry flooring system made from imported hardwood, for free-range and free-run chickens. Includes photos and installation details.

Food company specializes in poultry and agricultural products. Read about the company's history and breeding and processing operations.

Tyson Foods - Corporate Homepage
Merger of Tyson and Hudson Foods has made this company the world's largest poultry producer. Check out its history and products.

Willamette Egg Farms
Review the list of this company's frozen and cooked products, find addresses and phone numbers, or send email. Located in Canby, Oregon.

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