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Drawing the Chicken Genome Map
Imagine taking a trip and creating the roadmap as you travel. That's exactly what ARS scientists at the Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory are doing as they draw the genetic map of the domestic chicken. Read more...
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Chickens Genetics
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Nomenclature for naming loci, alleles, linkage groups, and chromosomes to be used in poultry genome publications and databases
The human locus and allele nomenclature outlined by Shows et al. (1987) will be adopted. Thus, present standard nomenclature will be converted to the new nomenclature and the new nomenclature used for naming any new identified genes. The new terminology will be much more adaptable for use in computer databases, and will appear as entered on non-graphics screens, except for italics. The Somes nomenclature should be directly convertible to the new nomenclature in many cases by the Resource Panel appointed by the Nomenclature Committee. All new names should be reviewed for duplication and standard nomenclature.
Broiler Breeder and Replacement Pullet Management
Successful production of quality hatching eggs requires greater managerial skill than any other phase of poultry production. A good hatching egg producer should be an experienced poultry producer with a thorough knowledge of poultry husbandry, including a basic understanding of producing and preserving egg quality. Success depends upon the following considerations.
The Araucana Chicken
The Araucana is a unique breed that has been a topic of controversy ever since it was first imported into the United States sometime during the late 1920s or early 1930s. Not much is known about the origin of the Araucana except that some of them were transported to the United States from South America.
The Araucana Chicken
The newest version of a chicken genome map gives Hans H. Cheng hope for developing a chicken resistant to Marek's disease, a viral disease that causes tumors in the birds. "The poultry industry is afraid it may start losing the vaccine race against Marek's disease, as ever more virulent strains appear and cause unbearable losses," says Cheng, a geneticist with USDA's Agricultural Research Service.
The Inheritance of Sex and Sex-Linked Traits in Poultry
Like all living creatures, biological traits in birds are controlled by genes located on chromosomes. A gene may have slightly different forms, called alleles, which cause traits such as comb shape or feather attributes to differ between individuals. Each species has a characteristic set of chromosomes, a copy of which exists in the nucleus of every non-reproductive cell in the body. Chromosomes occur in pairs. Unlike other chromosome pairs, the sex chromosomes come in two different forms, one carrying genes and the other rudimentary with little genetic material. These sex chromosomes are generally designated as X and Y, respectively.
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